Feeling Lousy?

In the interest of full disclosure, let me get this right out in the open: I’ve had lice. More than once.

If you’ve ever spent many hours in a room with lots of kids (remember school?), chances are you’ve had them, too. If you managed to avoid them but currently live with somebody who will be in elementary school this year, brace yourself. Lice may be coming soon to a child near you.

If a child does come home with lice, it’s technically possible for the parent not to get them. Maybe my husband avoided them simply because statistically boys and men have a lower incidence of infestation. They have less hair and they do less hugging than girls.

Maybe it was his short hair and not that fact that I was the primary caregiver. I’m not going to criticize. I’m just saying, he didn’t get them, but I did, so I know a few things about how to deal with lice if they enter your household.

First, try not to freak. I know. There are bugs. On your head. Crawling around. Yes, it’s gross. But it’s temporary. You will not have them forever…Read More.

3 Responses to Feeling Lousy?

  1. Mary-Alice says:

    Hey, Gail — Love the new website!

  2. Jamie Hogan says:

    Yup, we’ve had ’em. Looking forward to reading Gail’s take on an inevitable chapter of school days.

  3. Maria Padian says:

    AAAAAH! Head lice are the worst! Looking forward to seeing how Bailey battles them!

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