What does Publishers Weekly think?

Here’s the word from Publishers Weekly:

“Donovan creates a realistic, engaging middle-grade heroine in fifth-grader Bailey Blecker, who lives on a small island off the coast of Maine . . .

Bailey’s problems are of the usual sort—she and her best friend are drifting apart; her pet bird gets lost; her beloved aunt is fighting cancer—but underlying them all is an extremely annoying set of ‘uninvited guests’: lice, which threaten her plan to grow her hair out and donate it to cancer patients.

Bailey is emotionally authentic, with an individualistic voice and a strong streak of stubbornness, of which she is particularly proud. ‘The thing about being stubborn was, you knew where you stood . . . Not being stubborn . . . You’d have to figure out where you were going as you went along.’

The easy-to-follow story line, slightly out-of-the-ordinary setting, and credible secondary characters add up to a well-constructed novel especially appropriate for the younger end of the targeted audience.” (Ages 8-11)

Publishers Weekly advance review 12/13/2010

What’s Bugging Bailey Blecker? available February 2011

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