10 to Note from 100 Scope Notes

BaileyBleckerLRI’m delighted that elementary school librarian Travis Jonker, creator of 100 Scope Notes, is on the lookout for What’s Bugging Bailey Blecker?

“One season. 10 books.

This was difficult.

After scouring the children’s lit landscape, what follows are the 10 titles set to release in December, January, and February that most caught my eye as a K-6 school librarian. It’s a subjective list, to be sure, and not a collection of surefire winners – just some promising prospects. Here we go…

What’s Bugging Bailey Blecker? by Gail Donovan

Do we share a similar sense of humor? Let’s find out. I think this story about a 5th grader growing out her hair to donate while dealing with a classroom outbreak of head lice sounds like a comedy gem in the making. What do you think? From the author of In Memory of Gorfman T. Frog.” Read More

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