One of my favorite toys when I was young was the dollhouse my twin sister and I played in. For dolls, we used toy mice.

When I wasn’t managing the lives of toy mice, I was reading. Favorite books included the Little House series, Little Women, and Stuart Little.

I grew up and headed to Sarah Lawrence College and then Brown University for a Master’s in writing, then married and had two daughters. It turned out the big boon of having babies was getting to read children’s books again. I began to focus on writing for children, and was fortunate to land the job of continuing the story Marcus Pfister began in Rainbow Fish with the Rainbow Fish & Friends picture books.

Now I write novels about kids in elementary school. Creating their world and moving them around in it is as much fun as moving mice around the rooms of that old dollhouse.

I live in Maine with my husband and our two daughters, and a cat.

Photo by Tom Bell.

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