Picture Book Series

Rainbow Fish & Friends
Based on the Bestselling Books
of Marcus Pfister

By Gail Donovan
Illustrator: David Austin Clar Studio
Publisher: North-South Books Inc.
Binding, Price: Paperback, $3.99
Ages: 4-8


The Copy Cat Fish
ISBN: 1-59014-000-1

A Fishy Story
ISBN: 1-59014-001-X

Follow the Leader
ISBN: 1-59014-106-7

Hidden Treasures
ISBN: 1-59014-003-6

Lost at Sea
ISBN: 1-59014-002-8

Ready, Set, Swim!
ISBN: 1-59014-040-0

Scaredy-Cat Fish
ISBN: 1-59014-069-9

S.O.S. Save Our Shortcut!
ISBN: 1-59014-038-9

Star of the Sea
ISBN: 1-59014-067-2

Surprise Party
ISBN: 1-59014-107-5


A Little Polar Bear Story
Based on the Bestselling Books
by Hans de Beer

By Gail Donovan
Illustrator: John Huxtable
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Binding, Price: Paperback, $3.95
Ages: 4-8


Lars and Robby
ISBN: 1-4027-1282-0

Lars Saves the Day
ISBN: 1-4027-1283-9


A Hear and There Book
By Gail Donovan
Illustrator: Lauren Ovresat
Publisher: Innovative Kids
Binding, Price: Hardcover, $18.99
Ages: 2-5


Sounds on the Go!

ISBN: 1-58476-222-5

Sounds on the Farm
ISBN: 1-58476-221-7

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