The Waffler

A Middle-Grade Novel by Gail Donovan

ISBN: 978-0803739208
Publisher: Dial
Binding, Price: Hardcover, $16.99
Ages: 7 – 12

Monty is a waffler—he can never make up his mind, which always gets him in trouble. That’s how Monty ended up with a rat for a pet, and he can’t even decide on a name for him!

When each student in his fourth-grade class is assigned a kindergarten buddy and some kindergartners get left buddy-less, Monty takes them under his wing. But when his teachers find out, they give him an ultimatum: choose just one buddy, or have none at all.

One thing Monty does know—this stinks! Will he be able to finally stop waffling and do the right thing, before everything spins out of control? With laugh-out-loud scenes and comically drawn characters, Donovan gets the agony–and the tremendous fun–of elementary school perfectly.

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Awards & Accolades:

“A solid middle-grade choice—no waffling necessary.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A solidly realistic school and family story for fans of Louis Sachar and Claudia Mills.” —The Horn Book

“The book captures the pains and pleasures of being both a twin and a fourth-grader.” —Booklist

7 Responses to The Waffler

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