What’s Bugging Bailey Blecker?

A Middle-Grade Novel by Gail Donovan

ISBN: 978-0525422860
Publisher: Dutton
Binding, Price: Hardcover, $16.99
Ages: 7 – 12

For fifth-grader Bailey Blecker, a classwide case of head lice is the worst thing that could happen. She’s been growing her hair to donate, and she’s determined (or stubborn, as her mom calls it) not to cut it until it’s long and lice free enough to be useful. But lice are only the beginning of Bailey’s troubles, and in this classroom comedy, the solution is full of twists and tangles.

With pitch-perfect dialogue, the right amount of humor and sympathy, lots of action, and an unfortunately familiar problem, this middle-grade comedy will leave kids itching for more.

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Awards & Accolades:

“Donovan crafts a solidly realistic school story with lots of humor… Andrew Clements fans will enjoy this school story, too.” —Horn Book

“Donovan creates a realistic, engaging middle-grade heroine… easy-to-follow story line, slightly out-of-ordinary setting, and credible secondary characters add up to a well-constructed novel especially for the younger end of the targeted audience.” —Publishers Weekly

“[L]ife lessons come together remarkably well in this lighthearted middle-grades novel… readers… will find high-spirited Bailey an affable protagonist.” —Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books

“A well-paced and very readable story.” —Booklist

“Donovan carefully scripts a heartfelt story of learning to accept one’s circumstances no matter what they are.” —School Library Journal

“Purposeful in a lighthearted way but guaranteed to make your head—scalp and brain—itch!” —Kirkus Reviews


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