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Author Visits

In-person Fees

$500 for whole day, includes 3 presentations

$200 per presentation

Fees are for visits in southern Maine. Elsewhere, travel costs are added.

Skype Visits
Contact me for details


Presentation Topics

Digging Deep to Find the Story

Grades 3-5, 45-60 minutes includes Q&A

This presentation explores how authors dig deep to find a character whose story needs to be told. How do authors then go from that discovery to a first draft, to a finished book? Students learn what kind of words are a writer’s best friend, brainstorm ways to liven up their own writing, and take part in a kindness and helping activity.


Metamorphosis in Frogs and Fiction

Grades 3-5, 45-60 minutes includes Q&A

This presentation explores the evolution of a story idea into a finished book, In Memory of Gorfman T Frog. How do authors braid together character, plot and theme? We then look into frog development, and the various ways pollution can hurt the normal cycle of metamorphosis. Plenty of pictures of deformed frogs make this presentation a crowd-pleaser!

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