August 14, 2018

The Kirkus review of Finchosaurus is in and I share it here with gratitude and a big YIPPEE.


“A 10-year-old wannabe paleontologist finds his life transformed after unearthing a buried message… An amusing, empowering tale that should appeal especially to middle schoolers with abundant energy.” — Kirkus Review

Funnest Moments in Writing a Book

April 28, 2018


Funnest. Not really a word, I know. But that’s the word to describe the moment an author sees how an artist illustrated their book. Thank you, Amy Preveza, for creating this cover! And thank you, Betsy Bird, for unveiling it!

Finchosaurus will be published in October by Islandport Press but you can reserve a copy now from IndieBound, Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Greetings from Maine

February 22, 2018

900 pixel Deer Isle Lobster Shackphoto by Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld

What would you do if you unearthed a note with the single word HELP on it?

If you’re Finch Martin, whose dream is to uncover a dinosaur fossil and name a new species after himself, you don’t stop digging until you get to the bottom of the story.

“Finchosaurus,” my newest middle-grade novel, will be published by Islandport Press in October 2018.